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Full Name:-
Stuart Robert Andrew Bowers or 'Bowch' to my friends.

I am a native of the United Kingdom and was born on Monday 24th November 1969 in Peterborough, England and am the eldest of 5 children. I currently live in Cleator Moor, Cumbria. I've been married, to a great woman, since July 2014; so, it's still a bit of a novelty. We live with 2 crazy dogs, her son (my step-son) and our newest addition, a little baby girl called Varda, who was born on 1st September 2015.

I have previously appeared on an episode of the Channel 4 daytime quiz 15-1; back in January 2001. I was knocked out in the first round.

I think that 'The often disjointed and poorly punctuated musings & observations of a geek living in West Cumbria' sums things up quite nicely.

I've been online in one form or another since way back in 1992-93 when I had an Amiga; although that was mainly via a local BBS called Soap City. My first real foray onto the internet proper was with CompuServe in November 1994 via dial-up. I suppose even back then I was doing a primitive form of blogging by keeping my web site visitors informed of what I was up to. Very few of my posts from back then have survived and I have no inclination to upload them again anyway.

This domain was purchased and went live in April 2000; there were some early blog-like entries, but it wasn't until April 2003 that I actually started what you could call a 'proper' blog, using an old, and rather limited CMS called zShaped. When that ceased development in 2004 I moved over to using Movable Type. After my site vanished, with my host, I relaunched at the start of 2015, using Serendipity. The site has gone through a couple of changes in style since the original design and some of the older versions of this site can still be found here.

Contact Me:-
I can be reached via the Contact Me form linked in the menu to the left.
Andrew Bowers


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Paula Wallace about Varda
Thu, 16.11.2017 22:02
*Fantastic atricle love the com munity here. We support all th at you do here. Take care guys .Comments ()
Maria Lamont about Why?
Wed, 15.11.2017 11:26
*Great, as always love your opi nions. Have fun guys and I wil l be back soon. Love what you do. Keep it up.Comments ()
Paula Wallace about The Teapot Trust
Wed, 15.11.2017 11:24
*Thanks guys for all the review s helps us keep up to date wit h the scene and in touch with what is going on at a lo [...]Comments ()
Lou Storiale about James 3:16
Wed, 06.09.2017 21:44
*Great blog post. I found PSE line of compounds bow and ac cessories at OP to be a great deal, as well. http://w [...]Comments ()

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